Andy Cary

Software Consultant

Do you ever wonder:

  • How to turn your ideas into tangible expressions and tools?
  • How to test assumptions with real-world conditions cost-effectively in order to learn?
  • How to continually improve while automating reliability?

These questions drive me to architect and build software systems that deliver end-to-end value.


Phone: +1 (512) 566-9500

Andy Cary has created and operated web properties as a CTO, developed cloud applications for Stanford University IT, earned a Master of Science in Engineering degree from The University of Texas at Austin and Bachelor of Science in Information Science from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Andy Cary is currently a Full Stack Engineer at VidDay Media Inc.

My Latest Work


Creative Explorations in

User Research, Health & Fitness, Technology, Culture and Lifestyle

From marathon training to music, food and travel, I use writing and recording to learn and share my experiences with the world.

  • Radvatar - Enables startups to validate their user personas through easy data-driven customer interviews
  • 10 Hour Fit Club - A virtual community dedicated to achieving healthy transformation
  • Andy Learns From The Internet - A podcast that explores adapting the world around us in creative and thought-provoking ways
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Master of Science in Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin (2020)
B.S. Information Science, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2009)

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Marathons Completed: 5
Last: 04:36 (Spring 2021)
Best: 04:26 (Fall 2007)